The following are just a few of the directors with whom I have had the pleasure to have worked: 

Mikayla Myers - "Doctor, Doctor" ( “Award of Merit” - Los Angeles)

T.L. McKoy /Cliff Ackman - "Running Out of Time" (“Best Movie” - Baltimore)

Dawn Campbell - "Letters Unsent" and "Hello Neighbor" 
Andrew Rodes - "The Bobby Miller Show" 
Mike McKenna - "On The Run" 
Kevin Davis - "Smoke Signal" 
W. Jeff Crawford - "Mail Order Junkie" and "Mob On The Run" (10-episode series) 
Sophie Boyce - "Mâché Man" and "Zippers and Glue" and "Boy In The Water" and “Gold Fish”
Linette Lucas - "P.U.M.P.S." 
George Anthony Fox - "The Shot" and "Don't Be Angry" 
Sarah Pride - "Happy Home" 
Paul Oakes - "Home Free"